Saturday, August 15, 2009

Illidan Stormrage from W3:DotA

Here's a nice model from Fezco which should rejoice DotA players :P
It's Mr Illidan Stormrage and, even if he doesn't look as badass as the 6 feet one, it's a great model.

Get it HERE


Fezco said...

wow, I'm surprised to see this one here. Appreciate the chance you gave me by having my Illidan model in your blog.

Hannes said...

Nice one man!!

For more wc3 models go sheck out our site

Fan said...

I'm few days ago looking for illidan model

kinah said...

Wow! That takes some real talent, it's amazing. I am really impressed but at the same time envious of his talent, wish I'm talented as he is so I could have my own piece of Aion Online figurine LOL :)