Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Driveling Pieces, part 2.

Honestly, I need to get back at doing WoW models... Problem is, I haven't played in 2 months so, until I buy the expansion, I don't really have Warcraft in mind. And then, better wait some weeks before I get something done since I'll be lost freezing my butt.
I'll make a Voidwalker later this month tho, and maybe some other things...

So anyway, here's part 2 of the not-at-all-related-to warcraft-in-any-way batch of models.
I know, Pokémons extravaganza; they're easy and I got lot of requests AND some help from a certain Skelekitty who's gonna whip me if I don't make all 5634563 pokémons there is.

Edit: Click this link to go to the Pokémons models.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Since All Hallows' End is near, I thought I should post something about it.
Sadly, I'm not so big about blogging, I'll just wish you a creepy and horrifying night and lots of cavities in the near months. Over that, a few papercuts won't hurt much.

So let's see what kind of templates I have locked in the vault:

Pumpkins! (hmm pies)
Witch Hat! (careful of warts)
Flimsy Masks! (A Mask for All Occasions)
Black Cats! (scary)
Rats! (yuck)
Caltrop! (why not)
Treasure Chest! (always fun to link)
Skull Hammer! (just do the skull)
Razorblade! (good in apples... please don't do that)
Hood of the Malefic! (better now than never)
in fact, any helms is good for a costume...

also, be sure to download this one.

Random Driveling Pieces.

Alright, some random stuff completly not linked to Warcraft.

Just some models I did for fun last week, thought I should atleast post 'em so people will be able to find 'em.

Now Warhead, look away for a minute, I'll get back on the program.

Picto Box, Skull Hammer and Miniblins (Stand up/Belly flop),
from Zelda - The Wind Waker, and Dragonite.

Thanks to Skelekitty and Paperbuff for the pics.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Swift Brewfest Ram by Barbarian

It seems that Barbarian is making more models than me these days. He just sent me this one, the Swift Brewfest Ram. He looks really great, but i'm not sure if it been tested. Shouldn't be too hard, lots of small pieces tho. Get it right here!
You might wonder why I'm not doing any more models. Actually, I just made 5 new models. The thing is that you won't find them on this blog (Edit: you can get 'em up there!). I've been doing some models for the Nintendo Papercraft Blog which should appear in a week or so. Some big things to come soon too and the Lich King is coming :P

oh and I got this too:

Cannon, made by

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brewfest Beer Stein

How d'you like your Paladins?
If you answer "Drunk!", here's a beer stein just for him.
made by Barbarian.