Thursday, April 30, 2009

Interview with Blizzard!

Hi everybody,
There's an interview that I did with the Official European WoW Community Website which you can find below. I did the interview in French so the translations might now be perfect, but I heard it's really good. It's one of the spotlight specials they do once in a while about people that create/do things inspired by the WoW Universe. There's some really cool ones (comics, video, real armors...) and now there's one about papercraft too :P

By the way, I only made maybe 2/3 of all the models on the site; Barbarian is making alot these days and there's a few here and there (like the Gnome) which are from other people. Gotta give them some love too XD

They used alot of pictures that are found on the site (mine weren't that good XD), so there's might be chances that your picture ended up on the official WoW website!

Français / English / Spanish / Deustch / Russian

(Stats for the week: +75000 visitors for 282k pages views :D thanks for coming)

Looks like some of you need some help with the files, so I'll try to help you.

if you just fell upon this page for the first time and wonder what the heck it is all about, well here's the main line. On this page you'll find papercraft models inspired by the World of Warcraft Universe which you can print and build yourself with only scissors and glue! Each post represents a different model and at the bottom of every post you'll find a download link. And it's all free, well except the glue and paper part...
If there's no download link, it's because we often post pictures of models that people built; the download link is then somewhere else with the original model posted.

You can open the files with Winrar and you'll find in it a PDF which you can print and a PDO file which can be opened in Pepakura Viewer; you can call those 3d instruction manuals. You can also print from the PDO file, but you can't open them if you're on a Mac.

Have Fun and a nice day!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Home is where your Hearthstone is.

picture by Thomas G.I just made that Hearthstone model after seeing the request and thinking, how come we don't have that yet!? So there you go! I even made the stone texture so it looks just like a real one and there's 2 sizes: one should be about as big as the pictured one should be :\

Download Hearthstone here.

PS. Anybody else want the Ghetto Hearth back? I do :(

Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood

The lore about this sword and its owners is so troubled because Blizz changed the storyline sometimes that we could talk about the references to it instead.

The name Ashkandi is the exact pronounce of Iskander (Alexander the Great) in some places of Asia. Not a coincidence that it's wielded by Captain Iskandar today.

The fact compelled me to unfold it for us to build a beatiful sword.

This is a hard one, so read the guidelines in the last page before starting to glue anything...

Difficulty: Hard
Download it HERE

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It was the fastest request answer we ever had XD maybe because it was one of the first models I've made but did'nt publish.

The wings had some problems so I arranged the pieces someway near each other, for you to build them without getting mad about what Pepakura points. Some WoW models have pieces that don't connect properly, but this way I think you'll have less trouble. Just follow the flap proximity and the 3D window.

Difficulty: Medium
Download it HERE

Friday, April 24, 2009

Paper Airplane (Gyrocopter)


Well, for all of us who didn't get that TCG card... here is a REALLY BUILDABLE paper airplane! Who could realize that WoW chars could make PAPERCRAFT INGAME too? haha!

TIPS: Build the 3 helix blades and glue the points to a tiny paper sphere. Make a hole in the center and cut the exceeding out. Then you can stick the axis though it.

The wings must be attached by the extremities, there are no flaps.

Difficulty: Monkey
Download it HERE

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thrall's Throne

What about a throne like this to hold your cell phone upon your desk? Please don't light the pires to make it more realistic coz it's made of PAPER XD XD XD

Difficulty: Medium
Download it HERE

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Warglaives by Hannes

Our friend Johannes sent us these pics of the Warglaive of Azzinoth he just made. The model is 73 cm. wide and will be hanged on the wall along with its off-hand companion, forming an X. And it looks great, good job dude!