Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Illidan completed

Hi all! Sorry if we don't post much, we've been really busy (well I am, not sure about Barbarian :\ anyway...)
Abhijitdc finally completed his giant Illidan papercraft so I thought some of you would like to see it in its final stage.

Looks good, but still not sure if I'd build that myself.

Another pic here


Anonymous said...

hi =] i come from taiwan,
i loved ur paper crafts!!
thats great =]
can u teach me how to get 3d model from wow?
or i just can download productions that you made, v.v
can u teach me??or you had other links?
(sor, my english poor...hope you can understand what did i said..)

Barbarian said...

Hey :)

Busy as hell these days... but monday I'll be posting new stuff. Too much work and tanking, that's it :D

Just made a 50 cm high model of my pally twink, you'll see the photos here soon.

Cery said...

Can't wait to see it :)

chimerastone said...

It looks very big, I couldn't build a model this size as space is limited.
Thought Howl's Moving Castle was bad.
Sometimes I feel hyped up to build more ambitious models but they often more than 10 pages and eat up a lot of ink.

Allan Machado said...

Hey it's very very imprecive !
How can i make one ? Did you uploaded the pdf?
see you

Anonymous said...

i would love to see the plans to create the illidan and gnome full size figures - any plans on getting those developed anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

es fantastico un buen trabajo y los archivos donde los puedo conseguir chao y suerte desde colombia