Friday, February 27, 2009

Swift Zhevra mount / wild Barrens Zhevra

A difficult one this time. But it's a beautiful creature that will be a valuable addition to our collection.

The Zhevra mount comes with 4 skins. And if you just want a wild zhevra like that from the Barrens, you just need to change texture for the "without saddle" one that is included within this package and don't print the saddle page. I included separate PDFs for the mount and the wild models. C'mon, Mac users are people too... XD

It's big sized due to the painful details in the head.

Difficulty: Hard
Size: 27,5 cm X 40 cm
Formats: PDO + PDF (19 mb)
Download: HERE

PMF edit: keep in mind that it's not the same model as the Horse one.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fishing Package

So, here it is, as promised... all you need to fish some aquatic paper models at home! XD

The pole comes with 3 textures to change. If you put a weight inside the bobber, it would be a nice paper-weight to put some order in your messy desk...

Difficulty: Easy
Format: PDO + PDF
Download: HERE

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Illidan completed

Hi all! Sorry if we don't post much, we've been really busy (well I am, not sure about Barbarian :\ anyway...)
Abhijitdc finally completed his giant Illidan papercraft so I thought some of you would like to see it in its final stage.

Looks good, but still not sure if I'd build that myself.

Another pic here