Thursday, December 3, 2009

Draenei Mailbox

Adding to our mailboxes collection, the Draenei mailbox as requested.

Difficulty: Medium
Size: 20 cm high
Download HERE: Mediafire

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Titansteel Destroyer

When a melee char hits 80 maybe there's someone in his guild who can make one of these for him... Blizz could add some newer BS weapon plans in the new patch tho.

Kinda hard to build but the result looks good. Follow the guidelines.

Difficulty: Hard
3 Skins
Download it HERE: Mediafire

Completed model:


This little pest should've been here a long time ago... that's why the warlocks treat minions so bad, they must be lazy :)

Difficulty: Medium
Size: 20 cm high
Download it HERE: Mediafire

Mr T's Night Elf Mohawk Mask

Who among us does not know Mr. T? Are you not old enough? SHADDAP FOOLS!

Difficulty: Easy
Download it HERE (Mediafire)

It will look like this...

And I was at the hospital's elevator when I suddenly discovered where the damage dealers go to after ToC 25 XD XD

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dalaran Mailbox

The mailbox of Lagaran - err... Dalaran, to continue our Mailboxes series.

It can look as a simple model but it has some level of difficulty. Be creative on how to attach the floating piece on its top. A thin piece of wire could do the trick. 

Level: Medium
Download it HERE

Monday, August 31, 2009

Ownership Flag

It must be as funny as humiliating to get flagged this way... haha

So sad it's a loot card only item...

In the PDF a back side for the flag was included. Glue the 2 sides together to get a better model.

Size: 39 cm high
Difficulty: Easy
Download it HERE

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quest Icons

Ever wanted to tell your employees every bleepin' day that you have a quest for them without having to repeat yourself again and again? It would be funny to hang that ! in your office above your head... but it would work only for WoW players XD XD

Here you have both the exclamation and question icons from the questgivers. Not so simple as they seem in game but still easy to make.

Note: The question mark has no back side. You can try to print it inverted and add some flaps to its extremities manually, so you can join the parts and make it round.

Yellow and blue "skins" included.

Size: 18 cm high
Difficulty: Easy
Formats: PDO + PDF
Download it HERE

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cruel Barb

A simple request can be answered faster :)

There are some open edges in the sword's edge where flaps were added.

Size: 24 cm long
Difficulty: Easy
Formats: PDO + PDF (with edge ID)/ Lineless version included
Download: HERE

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Female NightElf Hunter

Hi all, found that on /Po/ and thought I should share it with you.

Yup, a giant Female Night Elf Hunter by Allen R.

Download here.

Oh and Frostmourne build by Laitz.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Illidan Stormrage from W3:DotA

Here's a nice model from Fezco which should rejoice DotA players :P
It's Mr Illidan Stormrage and, even if he doesn't look as badass as the 6 feet one, it's a great model.

Get it HERE

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Click image to zoom in

Another drop from Freya 25 men hard mode. Rogues and Huntards duel for it, but you can have it too now XD in paper at least (in patch 3.2 you have some time to trade soulbound drops now, so honor the title "Rogue", make them pay a huge sum for it, hahaha)

Size: 61 cm long (little less than real size)
4 skins included
Difficulty: Medium
Download it HERE

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some projects...

I've been sick for 2 entire months (what a strong debuff huh?) and was making some models to spend my time. Ok, I'm fine now, and that's the result of my forced vacation:

This one was finished today. He's my lvl 35 pally. Too much easier to make than the 80 ones with all that gear but it took me a week to complete, it has an internal supporting "skeleton" structure and a wooden base. His cape and tabard had to be printed in reverse so we have no white bottoms here. It's 50 cm tall. That's why we don't make some character models, some of them are too fragile and unstable thus needing a special building work. But I would not sleep well if not tried once...

(Click image to zoom in)

If the hair is not glued to the head, you can easily remove it and use the helmet instead:

And for everyone that is asking us for an undead model that's the proof that I've tried it. Just gave it up. Now my kid is using the head to make his WWF action figure look as a monster, hahaha! An undead model would need an entire wire skeleton to stand up, so please understand that it's possible but hard as hell to build one.

And finally, this is a Night Elf rogue still being built. This model will be released someday, it's freakin' easier than the BE model and looks cool in stealth pose.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Lich King's Helmet

As Arthas used to say in WCIII-TFT: AT LAST!

There are some broken pieces inside the helmet that are actually remains of Arthas' head. I could not remove it entirely so please forget them, because they were removed from the project's pages and will not disturb your building work.

The Arthas model as all new models are not built the same way as the older ones... they are one-piece only with 2 textures, thus making them too hard to unfold as papercrafts... but we don't give up so easily.

Size: 50 cm high
Pages: 22
Rar size: 12 MB
Difficulty: HARD
Formats: PDO + PDF
3 textures: Default Lich king color, Dark with green eyes, Lighter with green eyes.
Download it HERE

EDIT: Michael pointed some tricky flaw when building it: The helmet's "back rows" are INDEPENDENT pieces, they are not connected together. What to do now? Just build them all first. Then, following their positions in the 3D window in Pepakura, you must attach one to another and to the helmet by using some pieces of paper in the backside, as you were taping it. You can paint the paper pieces black after building, they are inside the helmet and will not make it ugly. Sorry guys, that's the way to do it, the 3D model was made this way :S

This helmet was intended to be life-sized but in fact it's a bit smaller.
Sorry but it won't be reworked for now.

Michael has just finished building the Helmet and sent us some pics. Great work!

Click the images to zoom in

Serilas, Blood Blade of Invar One-Arm

By request - and it's kinda easy to make. Classified as Medium because of the round parts. Some weapons are becoming easier to get in paper than in game today :D

Size: 36 cm long
Difficulty: Medium
Formats: PDO + PDF
Download it HERE

Titansteel Helm

To you Blacksmiths out there... or "papersmiths" if you want :)

Size: 15 cm high
3 textures
Difficulty: Medium
Formats: PDO + PDF (one for each of the 3 versions)
Download it HERE

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Greatsword of the Sin'Dorei

Quite as powerful as the Titansteel Destroyer (model coming soon) and it looks nice on a Blood Elf (haha obviously huh)...

You can reinforce it by inserting some wooden pick through the handle and blade.

Size: 39 cm long
4 skins included (red is the default)
Formats: PDO + PDF (red only)
Difficulty: Hard
Download it HERE

Friday, July 17, 2009

Savage Cobalt Slicer

By request... Nice dual for a hunter! Just 3 pages, easy to make in game and in paper!

It comes with 6 skins, the same model is used in various "green" swords in game.

Size: 36 cm long
Formats: PDO + PDF (blue only - numbered version included)
Difficulty: Medium
Download it HERE

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wolf (1st version)

Click image to zoom in

This is the oldest version of wolf in WoW, found in starter areas of both Alliance and Horde, it's the first pet of many hunters and still a good choice for DPS.

Six skins included: Arctic, Black, Coyote, Timber, Diseased and Ghost.

How to use the skins: They were named after the materials in Textures window.
Ex.: Material 0 = Arctic_0 / Material 1 = Arctic_1 and so on.

Size: 15 cm high / 11.4 cm wide / 32.1 cm long
Difficulty: Medium
Formats: PDO + PDF (Timber wolf skin only)
Download it HERE

And this is maybe a new version of the "Keep Away From My Computer" screensaver XD

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the Motorcycle Mount project v. 1

Click image to zoom in

You'll want to kill me. No, PMF will kill me. Time to build one of that and hit the road for good. Huh... it will take a month to build, I'm dead as a Barrens zhevra...

This is a project only but maybe someone with a lot of patience may want to build this thing too, we are building it in our free hours but not even the half was completed yet. So please don't whin about it, there are no marked pieces, no names, the pieces are scattered over the pages as a broken glass in a dollar store, and probably I won't be remaking the whole thing again.

But if you're interested... it's here.

In-game Motorcycle costs: 12500 gold and 12 days of work. Sells for 17k.
Paper model: FREE but God knows when you'll be finishing it.

Size: 15 cm high X 12 cm wide X 33 cm long
Textures for Horde and Alliance versions included.
Formats: PDO only. Not even Einstein could build it without the PDO file.
Download it HERE and curse my entire bloodline.

Voldrethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion

Ulduar 25 men Hard Mode.. that's a hell of a task to get this badass sword, but you can print this one until you can get one for your char :P

Edit: The textures for this model were wrong (and so was the old image). It was using Stormrune Edge's colors. Anyway, both textures were included in the .rar file, so you can change it in the Pepakura Viewer menu. Thank you Milos for pointing it out :)

Print format: Letter
Difficulty: Medium
Formats: PDO + PDF
Download: HERE

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tauren Druid Cat Form v. 2

This is some kind of replacement for the Cat model that PMF has made, he's got some problems with it and it was temporarily removed. Here goes a little help for him, the Cat model was remade without the "elbow inside the chest" problem.  

This model can be hard to build without the PDO but a PDF is included anyway.

Size: 15 cm high X 12.6 cm wide X 35.8 cm long
Difficulty: Hard
Formats: PDO + PDF
Download it HERE

Tauren Druid Bear Form

At last... this model had to be "tweaked" to become a paper model. The right elbow was trespassing the chest (the same occurs with the Cat Form and some other models in the game). A lot of ppl were waiting for it, so I hope you like it!

Patch 3.2 will give us a lot of changes in the Bear and Cat forms, so let's call it the "old bear" for now... sincerely all Tauren forms are ugly including the default one XD - they could change it to the Taunka model, it's more like a Minotaur and looks fiercest! Well, it's just an oppinion... have fun!

Formats: PDO + PDF
Size: 15 cm high X 13 cm wide X 27.7 cm long
Download it HERE

Monday, June 29, 2009

Argent Tournament Lance

Click to zoom in

Despite its huge size, it's as excellent in direct melee as a pillow... but if used while mounted as originally planned XD, it does massive damage to opponents. Answering my nerd friend's question, you can enchant it but it WON'T PROC when using in jousting quests. Better use your 280g Massacre scroll in something more reliable than that toothstick.

Size: 29 cm. X 8 cm.
Formats: PDO file with 3 skins (Argent, Horde and Alliance) + PDF with the 3 versions.
Building tips included.
Difficulty: Medium
Download it HERE

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meeting Stone by Cery

Cery sent us a larger and well made model of the Meeting Stone (Blue version).
Thanks dude it looks great!

(picture by Thomas G.)

Size: 20 cm high
Formats: PDO and PDF, with a lineless option
Download it HERE

There's also the version by Thomas G (see pic) that you can get HERE.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Broken Bottle at a Meeting Stone.

Hi all, a bunch of stuff invaded my mailbox so I thought I'll drop it all here. Most of those are just pictures or PDO files so sorry if you prefer PDFs.

John Dalton sent me this lil broken bottle model, simple and it kinda give another meaning to papercut. Just don't get into an argument with that in hand tho, you might not win.

Then James Cioffi sent me this Horde Shoulder model which looks nicely done.

Neth (from Shoutbox ->) linked a Sulfuras model too here.

And I got this nice picture of the Rock Golem from Chris Beckman, well done.

And Thomas Gowen sent me a lot of stuff, but you'll like those, I'm sure.
Meeting Stone and Altar of Soul

(GI Joe's not included :P )

And some more pictures...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Salandria, the Blood Elf orphan

One more cutie for us. Salandria, a quest giver during Children's Week, remembers us of something more important than having fun at making war.

(yes I need a new cam)

Size: 25 cm. high
Format: PDO + PDF
Base included (taken from the Pokemon base by PMF)
Difficulty: Hard

Download it HERE

Thursday, May 21, 2009

ONE MILLION PAGE VIEWS (and the gift is yours)

Congratulations to all of you WoW papercrafters around the world! We reached the mark of 1,000,000 visitations in our page, and this is a merit of US ALL, designers and crafters who made this blog a place to refresh our minds - and meet in a place where Horde and Alliance does not make war, but just fun, haha!

And the gift goes to you... a cute gnome girl from Ironforge (if you print it double-sized from the PDF in a print shop [i.e. A3 size], you'll get a REAL SIZED GNOME, haha)

Belbi Quikswitch comes with her "Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles" and a filled Brewfest Stein to commemorate this day. Have fun!!!

Download her HERE

Size: 30 cm high
Difficulty: Medium
PDO & PDF formats

Use 120g + paper...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Booty Bay "Redemptor" statue

Not exactly a tribute to Rio de Janeiro's Redemptor Christ, but a funny statue to decorate your workspace...

Model built by Urzzza

Difficulty: Medium
Size: 25 cm high
Download it HERE