Monday, January 23, 2017

Skull of the Man'ari - Warlock artifact

The Skull of the Man'ari - Demonology Warlock Artifact. It's our first Legion model, it's quite fair to be a demonic thing XD

Be creative on how to attach the jaw to the skull. It can be glued to its back teeth or hang from it to keep "talking" bad things...

It comes with 5 color options (textures).

Size: 33 cm high
Difficulty: Expert
Credits: Model by Harlan Browning. Image from Wowhead.

Download it HERE


A really nice Harpy by Harlan Browning! It comes with 10 different colors (textures) and will hover beautifully on your room :)

Height: 27,2 cm
Difficulty: Expert
Download it HERE

Monday, November 28, 2016

Headless Horseman's Helm (wearable size)

A wearable helm from WoW's Hallow's End event. If you plan to wear it, print it on heavy paper and follow the author's instructions.

Difficulty: Medium
Size: 40 cm. high
Format: PDO

Model by Harlan Browning

Download it here: Mediafire


This is the epic (fast) Forsaken warhorse, the same model as Rivendare's Deathcharger. Six textures/colors included. If you farmed Rivendare till your hair got white, at least you can have it on your desk :)

Difficulty: Medium
Size: 34 cm. high
Six textures included

Model by Harlan Browning

Download it here: Mediafire

Thursday, February 11, 2016

About password requests

Well, since 90% of all comments we had in months are about asking for the models password for editing them or whatever, let's talk about it.

We have no effing "need for propriety", my friends. We put passwords on a model because it takes hours of work to do, then comes some smartbun and simply edits the models (generally mess them), delete all credits and spills it on the internet to show HIS "exceptional work of art". I've found a russian papercraft site with tons of our models without passwords; they use a crack to rip the pw's from the archive. The crack is also a trojan, and like all cracks with trojans it's a fair pay. At least most of them left our credits intact. Some just deleted them.

BUT ... a lot of people just want to resize the thing to build it their own way. It's cool to have that sword on the wall, that helmet worn in some RPG Con... Given that three factors:

1) People want to resize the models the way they want because they love WoW and this kind of art as much as we do;

2) If someone wants to do things the rogue way they will do and use whatever crap necessary to achieve it. Passwords are a weak way to preserve someone's works nowadays.

3) Keep in mind that ALL material presented here belongs to Blizzard Entertainment. Blizz encourages all kinds of fanart since you don't try to make money on their work. If you do, someday you can have a happy hour in a court, you know how big companies are, do you? Everything in this site is free because of that. It does not belong to anyone of us, I mean, you all and/or me.

Then I'm giving you the passwords for almost all models here, do what you want with them and have fun. But I'll ask you just a little favor: If you modify the models, please DELETE our credits from the archive. If you want to repost it without modifications, please KEEP our credits. Not because we "think we have some propriety to be preserved", it's just for being nice to the nerds who did the pepakura projects for all to have fun :)

Password for old models, most of them made by PMF is: world
Password for newer models, most of them made by me is: tavernadobarbaro

Some models posted here were made by other people (as the night elf huntress) so if any of them are PW-protected, those are beyond our knowledge, sorry.

AND IF you just want to print and build something as it is, and it asks for a password so you can't open it, you're using the wrong software. You should open it in PEPAKURA VIEWER and not DESIGNER wich is made for editing.

Well, have fun. I have some models waiting to be posted but not a lot of free time...but no new model will be pass-protected anymore so I think the problem ends here. See ya on the Broken Isles soon! :D

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Warlords of Draenor brought us new models with higher quality and... a lot more polygons. So let's start by the simpler ones. Instead of terrifying barbaric weapons from orc clans or intricate helmets from draenei paladins, let's give Pepe a place at our work desks first. Sadly the model does not include a tiny sound device so his pleasant chirps could alleviate the stress in a world of war, icy mountains and an angry raid leader.

His crest is a little tricky to build and you'll have to make some cuts to attach the tail feathers, the head and the feet to the body; follow the 3D window.

Difficulty: Medium
Size: 120 mm high
Download PDO here: Mediafire

Monday, March 9, 2015

Mists of Pandaria Intro Cinematic Improvised Hammer

From the MoP cinematic, here's the shrine's censer the Orc used as a hammer. The "hammer" is detachable from the base.

Some flaps were added where there was no connection, follow the 3D window to build.

Size: 30 cm high
Difficulty: High
Download it HERE (Mediafire)

Elekk Plushie Pet

After a long pause we're back with the most feared beast of Draenor! :D

Size: 180 mm high
Difficulty: Medium
Download it HERE (Mediafire)

Monday, August 11, 2014

We're back!

After a long break, I'm coming back to the blog, and will post some things soon™. I had no recent pic good enough at this right moment so let's give the old Pally another chance... hey, did he changed class or is it a rogue wearing Pally gear to infiltrate my studio and kill all my Pokemons??? (It was a gift for a friend, and the joke is that the Portuguese word for paladin is "paladino", and the word for rogue is "ladino", so we made a character that is impossible to exist in WoW - a pally dual-wielding... or a rogue wearing a Judgement set. Your choice. Purists will be upset and that's funny. lol)

A new email will be set during this week so I can track comments and updates, and you can send your model pics again. Just give me a few days so I can reorganize everything here, including the blog's design, something I still need time to do. Until then, keep an eye on updates. ^^

Friday, August 17, 2012

Join the team!

Hi everybody,

as you can probably see, we aren't adding much new models lately
and since I don't really plan on making new ones any time soon
and since Barbarian is also busy, I'm offering the job to someone.

So if you have created WoW models that you would like to post here
or are willing to create new models and want to be part of the team,
just send me an email and I'll add you up as blogposter.



EDIT (as of Nov 22 2014):
Hey all. We're sorry for the massive time without updates. PMF is now in the Paperpokés blog doing an impressive job, but he will not make more templates for wow. I will keep this blog and will still need contributors . Please send your photos and templates for the temporary email below.

Rules for making and posting templates:

1) We don't modify any original WoW model. Some of them have flaws because they were not created to be paper models but ingame characters and objects, where that flaws mean nothing. If you want to reconnect some loose pieces that's ok, as long as you don't modify its structure and its textures.

2) No model from this blog is sold by any means here and/or any other place.

3) No foul language. Always keep that Blizzard's "good guy speech".

4) We don't care so much about having a perfect English. PMF is Canadian (he speaks French) and I'm Brazilian so English is not our main language, but we try to do our best so everyone in the world could enjoy the blog.

Following these rules will allow us to keep the blog alive as we are not breaking Blizzard's policy about fan art.

Email (temporary) is:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We are still taking applications :P

and while we're on it, I'll let you in on a little secret...
here's the goldmine :

he's name is magic beinan paper(纸魔beinan) and he's pretty much the chinese version of this site.
he sent me his link and an archive with all his files a little while ago and I'm still looking thru it all weeks after!

all the templates are well made, but they aren't in english so it might be a little hard to figure out.
I'll try to post a few chosen templates in the coming weeks, cheers!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rocket Mount

The oldest model of a rocket, also the symbol of Wowhead - so it counts as a tribute to say THANK YOU for all these years of helpful info!!
Fire not included XD

Difficulty: Easy
Format: Indexed PDO & PDF, Letter format
Download it HERE