Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wow Insider

hi people and /po/odles :P

just to keep track of some statistics, i use Google Analytics; you can see the stats to the right ---->

anyway, i look at it once in a while and i'm always surprised when i see spikes, just like yesterday when WOW Insider posted a little article (by Zach Yonson) about Warcraft Papercrafts.

it's always fun to read those and mostly the comments people makes about 'em.

anyway, hope you all like it, i only make those for fun so seeing people building 'em is really great.

also, just another link that was on the article : looks like Warcraft III models; seems like Hobikit has some competition :P

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I know alot of you downloaded the Flesh Golem and probably tried to build it.
Sadly, there was a big problem with the legs being all f***ed up, my bad.

here's a working model, the layout isn't good but everything's there to build the beast.

...and three months after.

sorry guys, nothing new yet. i'm completly overboard here so i dont have much time for this page. i took the decision to make a real webpage and not just a blog so until this is done, i'll probably wont post any new models... got some pics tho.

so up there, Kaelthas and Thrall are built by Abhijitdc (you can see more of his models on Hobikit page.)

and here's are mines...

(the layout of the pictures really is a good reason to make a real webpage...)