Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some projects...

I've been sick for 2 entire months (what a strong debuff huh?) and was making some models to spend my time. Ok, I'm fine now, and that's the result of my forced vacation:

This one was finished today. He's my lvl 35 pally. Too much easier to make than the 80 ones with all that gear but it took me a week to complete, it has an internal supporting "skeleton" structure and a wooden base. His cape and tabard had to be printed in reverse so we have no white bottoms here. It's 50 cm tall. That's why we don't make some character models, some of them are too fragile and unstable thus needing a special building work. But I would not sleep well if not tried once...

(Click image to zoom in)

If the hair is not glued to the head, you can easily remove it and use the helmet instead:

And for everyone that is asking us for an undead model that's the proof that I've tried it. Just gave it up. Now my kid is using the head to make his WWF action figure look as a monster, hahaha! An undead model would need an entire wire skeleton to stand up, so please understand that it's possible but hard as hell to build one.

And finally, this is a Night Elf rogue still being built. This model will be released someday, it's freakin' easier than the BE model and looks cool in stealth pose.


Fezco said...

Wow... just WoW (get it? lol). That Pally model of yours is awesome. Any chance that model would become available to the public?

I'm a fan of huge quality models... and that model of yours is just perfect, would look awesome beside the Thrall model I'll be building soon.

Great work!

Barbarian said...

Thanks Fezco! :) And yes, after being revised - there is a little problem with its head top.

Jake said...

glad you got better =)
p.s. i still haven't started the motorcycle and probably won't until i have a LOT of spare time so don't expect any pictures soon lol

Giuseppe Ranzini said...

Encore une fois Barbarian nous impressione avec des vrais oeuvres d'art de "papercraft".
Avec mes felittations et le desire de continuer a, de plus en plus, nous regaler la beauté de la sculpture en papier.

Giuseppe Ranzini
Artiste Plastique

Airan20 said...

nice work dude, can you send me the Undead model? :D
i like to much and i'm a big fan to

thx :)

( sorry my bad english )

Barbarian said...

If I manage to finish unfolding it i'll send it. I've just gave it up before the model was entirely unfolded... a lot of bones without connections, that's it.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive work, all around 10/10 And my very own awesome thumbs up!

carlos said...

The Blood Elf model is possible that you can share it with me, I am surprised and I would love to do it to give it to my brother who loves WoW