Monday, August 31, 2009

Ownership Flag

It must be as funny as humiliating to get flagged this way... haha

So sad it's a loot card only item...

In the PDF a back side for the flag was included. Glue the 2 sides together to get a better model.

Size: 39 cm high
Difficulty: Easy
Download it HERE


Kathy said...

lol I cant wait to make this one :) I have this item in game and it is a blast to use it.

Theotokos said...

I've been trying to download this forever, but I don't want to pay 15USD for it :( Do you have cheaper patterns?

PMF said...

the templates are supposed to be free :\
looks like Rapidshare decided to fuck things up on us without telling us :\

Barbarian said...

Well, in the Rapidshare page just click in the "FREE" button and wait some seconds, then a DOWNLOAD blue button will appear. All templates are free, and forever they'll be, but RS Premium is not :S

- just in case this is the problem with RS here, coz I am testing all RS links and they seem to be working (at least today).

Mountaintop Koi said...

niiice i have one to good luck