Friday, December 3, 2010


The Lich King, made by Abhijitdc.
Do I really need to comment on how awesome this is!
(no template tho :P)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Leeroy Jenkins

By request (a lil' late huh)

I had no time to edit the model so here it is the way it is. There are some collision points in the inner sides of the elbows and knees, but you'll have no big problems to build it with a bit of patience and talent.

Complete with his weapon, guild tabard and... chicken XD (as featured in the WoW miniatures game)

Size: 45 cm high
Difficulty: HARD
Formats: PDO only (A4 paper size)
Download it HERE (Mediafire)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tankard O' Terror

You can buy that wonderful replica from Blizz for 40 bucks if you intend to use it properly (i.e. to fill it with beer, not to spank someone) but you can build it with paper - it's free and you save your health coz it can't get wet OR be used to hit XD

Size: Real-sized according to the replica (9 3/4 in)
Difficulty level: Easy
Formats: PDO and PDF hi-res
Downloaad it HERE

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gnomeregan Bonechopper / Peacekeeper Blade

It makes me remember the Warhammer 40K Marines sword :D good gaming times, we need to play that again someday...

Formats: PDO and PDF with numbered versions
2 skins
Difficulty: Medium
Download it HERE (Mediafire)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Paper Zeppelin Toy (from Winged Crafts)

yet another from Winged Crafts and it's a small but nice one too; the Paper Zeppelin Toy!

here's what she has to say about her model:

"While it is a quite simple model, you will have to figure out how to glue stuff together yourself because the .pdo file is NOT displaying the right glue-connections. I have no idea how to fix it, but I do know what causes it...namely the double sided stuff like the ropes and the basket. I put some tips on how certain stuff should be done in the .pdo itself so it should be self-explanatory. On how to glue everything together check out the preview .pdo file."

Download it at her site here:
Winged Crafts.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Drummerthing's Cataclysms Edge

Alot of people are making some really nice WoW models these days. Here's a new one from Drummerthing's Papercraft and yes, it's the Cataclysms Edge; Life-size! ...or almost.

Here's what Drummything has to say about it:
"Alright guys. I've put a lot of work into this, and it's finally finished. Cataclysm's Edge from World of Warcraft. It's almost life-sized. I planned on it to be 5 1/2 long (that's what it says in my instructions) but it turned out to be only about 4 feet long =\ This is also the first papercraft I've designed *golf clap* Anyway, here it is."

You can download it there: (updated files)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bear from Winged Crafts.

Oh well, looks like there a website more "WoW-productive" than this one :\
Anyway, if you have any good models, you can email them to us and we'll gladly post 'em here too.

So now here's the Bear model, made by Winged Crafts, which you probably know from the post right below this one...
It's a pretty good looking model and doesn't seem too hard. Also here's some words from the designer:

"There are 10 textures included in the rar, including the spirit bear one. This one ISN'T originally going on this bear model though, so there are a few minor things that won't work out quite nicely (like the bottom of the paws and the bear butt not being see-through) but I edited the texture a bit to make it look sorta like the ingame version. No manes though, I think that is the only part about the model I do not I made it without the mane XD"

And so get it here!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dragonstalker Helmet from Winged Crafts

Hi all,
I saw that today and thought you'd like it.

It's the Dragonstalker Helmet from Winged Crafts. (yes, it's lifesize!)you can download the file on her website here.

Here's some words from her too:
"The model itself is a pretty easy and straight forward build and you can easily see how it is done on the .pdo. Aside from that...there is another .pdo that has extra 'mohawk' parts. You can also print it all from the .pdf so that it has all the parts already in there.
Included in the file are also 3 texture models. So you can 'pimp' your helmet up if you want ;)"

Hope you'll like it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sand's forum.

Sand from the Shoutbox started a forum to help out with requests and questions.
I have nothing to do with it tho but here's the link:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For the Geek in you!

WoW Papercrafts was featured in a short PCWorld article. Yes, I'm laughing :D

Read it here:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Horde Tier 9 Plate Helmet (life-sized)

There were a lot of requests of life-sized items recently, but I had to choose something easier to build - less pages, less headache... It's Orc-sized but will fit any puny human head too XD XD XD - anyway, the 3 skins are included: Warrior (brown), Death Knight (black) and Paladin (red/golden).

It was tested before posting. A stand is not included but it's so big that it certainly will sit proudly on any bookshelf.

(next one is T10 Pally Helm, the one Tirion is using inside ICC)

Size: 40 cm high
Difficulty: Medium
Format: PDO or PDF
Download it here: PDO / PDF

For the test build the pally skin was used coz it takes less black ink...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sun Eater

An old sword, simple to make.

Difficulty: Medium
Format: PDO
Download it HERE

Monday, March 1, 2010


Here is the Quel'Delar, as requested. Some things must be explained about the model:

There are some loose parts, including the blade, so you must have patience and creativity to put them together. You'll need to make a lot of big cuts to attach some parts. That's the reason I did not include a PDF file - you need to follow Pepakura to build it.

Anyway, it will give you a lot of work but it's not soooo hard to build.

3 skin colors (default is Might of the Faithful)
Difficulty: HARD
Size: 46 cm long
Download it HERE

[a free Battered Hilt included XD ]

Sunday, February 21, 2010

DotA & WoW Papertoys

Nothing new from me, but here's some models that you might like.

First, the guys at made a little while ago a whole series of Papertoys inspired by WoW. There's both Hordes and Alliances with each races represented and they are pretty cute...

And then our friends at decided to stop selling their DotA templates and they now give them for free. And there's alot... All based on DotA and Warcraft 3. So go ahead!
(edit: They are still (sadly) selling some of them... c'mon guys, it's not like you have a licence to sell 'em anyway.)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rapidshare vs. Mediafire

We're sorry, but we lost the rapidshare folder so alot of the models aren't available.

We're working on fixing it and uploading everything to a Mediafire instead.

Sorry again about that.

Monday, February 1, 2010

WoW Interview and more pictures...

Alright, I feel kinda shitty about that one, but some weeks ago posted a little interview with me by Lisa Poisso on their site and I didn't even bother to announce it here ><

really sorry about that, kinda sad too that the new design wasn't on when it cames on too :(

so here it is for those who wanna read it. It's part of their "World of WarCrafts" features...

and now here's some awesome pictures that I stole from Fezco :P

Here's a nice picture of Cayley's Wolpertinger:

and huh, I have no idea where those come from, but I like 'em:

Murloc by Cery

Wow! Another update!

Here's all I got from November to now in my mailbox...

just a note, the password for the old models is "World", stop asking me lol

Some models by Atom N.:

he also sent me a skull:

and now a crazy tiny 1/4 Anzu Raven God by Scarlet

A black and white Imp by EnderMoo:

Seth_79 sent me a template for a Bonecreeper Stylus
and a picture of his Frostmourne

Connie Chan from Baby loves pink sent me a picture of her lil first mate hat:

Wow! An update!

Hi all, let's see my last update was... august 27 09... sorry for that, been busy and not playing wow doesn't really help on that. You can still send us your models and pictures, I'll try to post 'em sooner than, well than the last 6 months :\ so.... let's go: June/October

The Faceless One by Netheara
(Alright here's the template, the main problem i found out after i made it, is that the right hand's two fingers cross each other so it's kinda impossible to build it as it's shown over there. I had to adjust the position so it looks as it is right now. Sigh, that's what you get when you don't edit the model at all :P)

Some pictures from Lester Loh:

Also here's his template for a Lifesize Ashbringer

Awesome Druid by YuJia:

Some small ones by Samuel R.:

Paladin with Corrupted Ashbringer by Chris B.:

Anzu Raven God by Edward S.:

and giant Thrall that Mark made for his nephew (I wonder what that model looks like now :P)