Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aram Bartholl's "1H" workshop.

Hi everyone, sorry if I'm not posting new models for a while now, I'm busy with a lot of other things, but Barbarian seems to be very successful in filling the void. Voidwalker, I should finish that one :\

Anyway, I just saw that and I thought many of you would like to see it. Aram Bartholl is a pretty funny guy. He makes workshops, conferences and performance arts based around how the digital/virtual worlds relate to and influence the real world. One of his piece is called "1H" and basically, he walks around Berlin wearing weapons from MMORPGs. For it, he even used the Ripsaw model that I made and I gotta admit, I can't even say what kind of expression my face have when I look at it. Really funny and creative; now I wanna see one of his conference.

Here's more details about the project and even a cool video. You can also find more projects as crazy as this one :P

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ashbringer (2 versions)

The Ashbringer, Scourge of the Scourge
Difficulty: easy+
Download (mediafire), PDO + PDF

The Corrupted Ashbringer, in the hands of Scarlet Highlord Alexandros Morgraine and his son, Highlord Darion Morgraine.

Difficulty: Easy +
Download (mediafire), PDO + PDF

Building tips: You will need to cut the handguard for the blade to pass through. To hold the floating pieces in place, you can use a thin wire or some transparent plastic strips. In the pics below, you see pieces of a broken guitar string holding the skull, and how I made the cuts (click the thumbs to enlarge). Good luck!

Completed test build :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Death Knight Helm and... eek!!

For our collection of Death Knight items.
DK Helm (male human version): 4 skins, medium difficulty level, PDO + PDF
Download (Mediafire)

...and this one you can make a gift for your ex-girlfriend (or ex-boyfriend) to show your true love...

Each body section must be inserted into another, so you'll have to make some holes. It gives you a variety of positions to build. Use thick paper.

Roach: 2 skins (included the disgusting scourge plague-bearer green skin)
Easy difficulty level, PDO + PDF

Download (Mediafire)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some pictures from my mess

Easter Rabbit came too soon?

A Pally dual-wielding rogue weapons

Belbi Quickswitch sleeping drunk on my desk

Fishing time...


Handsomy made the Frostmourne! (and the Runesword is mine)