Monday, August 11, 2014

We're back!

After a long break, I'm coming back to the blog, and will post some things soon™. I had no recent pic good enough at this right moment so let's give the old Pally another chance... hey, did he changed class or is it a rogue wearing Pally gear to infiltrate my studio and kill all my Pokemons??? (It was a gift for a friend, and the joke is that the Portuguese word for paladin is "paladino", and the word for rogue is "ladino", so we made a character that is impossible to exist in WoW - a pally dual-wielding... or a rogue wearing a Judgement set. Your choice. Purists will be upset and that's funny. lol)

A new email will be set during this week so I can track comments and updates, and you can send your model pics again. Just give me a few days so I can reorganize everything here, including the blog's design, something I still need time to do. Until then, keep an eye on updates. ^^