Friday, May 16, 2008

WoW LeveL Magazine article

Here's the article that's in the WoW Special magazine from LeveL in Sweden. There's an interview with me in it about papercraft and a bunch of pictures. I thought I'd show you what it looks like, you'll have to buy it if you wanna read it tho.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Night Elf, Arthas by Jorge I. Villegas

Here's some new models that somebody sent me some days ago.
So, here's Arthas from Warcraft 3 and a Night Elf Druid (i think) from WoW. The mage to the left is Vivi from FFIX, just lurk a little.

Also, here's a Doomplate Tauren Warrior, it's just the same model as the other warrior but with a better texture imo. (c'mon, it's doomplate)

Stefan Ernst is also building a bunch of models so I'll post some of his pics when he'll finish 'em.

and here's some pokémons since I have them taking space on my desktop: Snorlax + Sandshrew

/end of the "here's" post

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Treasure Chest (same as above)

Here's a new/better version of the Treasure Chest, which you all seem to like very much. I also added the option to have a bronze or a golden one. Who doesn't like to have the choice?

Download here.

Stormrage Set + Will of Arlokk

I don't usually take requests for characters, but when it's for something that sweet, how can I refuse. I already had most of the pattern done with the warrior anyway. So here's the Stormrage Set with the Will of Arlokk. You'll have to cut the helm to make it fit and the dress might be a lil tight and the staff might be a bitch to make, but i'm sure it will be great.

Also, I deleted my flickr account without thinking so I lost many pictures of some models. Mostly old ones that I have to update. Anyway, I'll repair all that later, which might mean in 2 months if I look at my earlier comments...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


hey everybody, i got some new stuff for you.
first, i added a "completed models picture show" to your right ->
so send me some pics now.

second, Ted Fallenger sent me these ones a while ago, thought i should finally add it here.

i guess anonymous will be happy (it's not real-size tho)

another sword that i really like is the Blade of the Basilisk, which is the one I put one Gward (see pic). also, the shield on him is the Platinum Shield of the Valorous. other pieces I could I used too : Bastion of Light, Deathbringer, Zulian Hacker, Champion's Plate Helm...

after that, somebody asked me for a luth a while ago.
and sorry, i'll redo the title page of the files later, i lost my precious font that i used.

Oh, and i'll repost a new version of the Treasure Chest later this week. might even make a gold one, just for the Swedes...