Friday, August 17, 2012

Join the team!

Hi everybody,

as you can probably see, we aren't adding much new models lately
and since I don't really plan on making new ones any time soon
and since Barbarian is also busy, I'm offering the job to someone.

So if you have created WoW models that you would like to post here
or are willing to create new models and want to be part of the team,
just send me an email and I'll add you up as blogposter.



EDIT (as of Nov 22 2014):
Hey all. We're sorry for the massive time without updates. PMF is now in the Paperpok├ęs blog doing an impressive job, but he will not make more templates for wow. I will keep this blog and will still need contributors . Please send your photos and templates for the temporary email below.

Rules for making and posting templates:

1) We don't modify any original WoW model. Some of them have flaws because they were not created to be paper models but ingame characters and objects, where that flaws mean nothing. If you want to reconnect some loose pieces that's ok, as long as you don't modify its structure and its textures.

2) No model from this blog is sold by any means here and/or any other place.

3) No foul language. Always keep that Blizzard's "good guy speech".

4) We don't care so much about having a perfect English. PMF is Canadian (he speaks French) and I'm Brazilian so English is not our main language, but we try to do our best so everyone in the world could enjoy the blog.

Following these rules will allow us to keep the blog alive as we are not breaking Blizzard's policy about fan art.

Email (temporary) is: