Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Human Paladin w/ Lightforge set by nORMAL

So you like tall models? nORMAL (that's the name of the guy who made those) sent me that human paladin model earlier and asked me to post it. Yeah, it's big and it looks great :P He also built the Thrall model that you can find somewhere else on the site and I do think that they fit well together.

The Paladin model is in 2 pieces since the hair needed some modifications.

Download: Paladin + Hair
Download: Thrall (by Ted Fallenger)


abhijitdc said...

nice :)
just hope they are stable enough and dont fall. plz keep updating :)

Barbarian said...

Glue the feet to some kind of base... maybe it's not so coll-looking but will avoid falling