Thursday, November 1, 2007

New models from Diego (Modelos de Papel)

Diego sent me those and i thought i should share them with you, since they're related to Warcraft.
Maybe you already saw them somewhere, but anyway, they're great.
First is the almighty Thrall (16" tall) and then there's the Hydralisk.
I'll even add the Ancient of Lore since i like it so much :P
Anyway, go visit his site and download those:

Modelos de Papel site

Download Thrall (by Ted Fallenger)
Download Hydralisk
Download Ancient of Lore


Zeta said...

Hi again!

I'm workin on Hydralisk now... may be i finish the next week... we'll see...

And the next is Thrall, with 33 pages is work for a month!!

I do not remember where i found the models but... keep it free!

See you on MDP,
Saludos desde Argentina

Zeta said...

hi again!

here you can see the model finished.

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd just step in here and take credit for that Thrall model. I was far too lazy to attempt to make him myself, so I released the .pdo instead of finishing the sheets and making a .pdf. If anyone has completed this guy, I'd love to see some pictures.

Anonymous said...

they are nice! very nice!!

but i think you should post the original url, from the original owner. :)

anyway.... thanx for posting! :)

Unknown said...

I want more starcraft models, this is the only character i've seen. I have found a Rifle on a stand otherwise.