Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Toy-a-day contest.

Toy-A-Day had a contest where people were making their own models. I decided to make a Marylin Monroe one; not bad I ended up at 5th place without much fanfare.

I don't know if Joe's gonna post the models on his website, but here's mine anyway.

Download here.


Ryno D. Bones said...

I voted for Monroe for #1 before I noticed this post. Very nice work. If all else fails, upload her here!

KEIF!!! said...

This one was my favorite. Nice work!

Jocelyn Dexter said...

i wish monroe had won! i dowloaded your PDF and made her. i have 1 suggestion: you should have different angles of her shown in order to see the skirt better...or have better fold lines (i couldnt tell if they were mountain or valley folds). i had a difficult time with the skirt b/c i didnt know which way to fold it. i just kind of did whatever.
but it is an awesome model anyway!! way better than the dumb one that ended up winning the contest.