Thursday, July 10, 2008

Judgement Pally update. (yes, my webcam sucks)

Hi all...
sorry about it, but i'm building the pally right now and I just saw that i didn't include a proper leg pattern in case you want to make the "skirt" on top of them.

In other words, the legs in the pally model are too big (because of the shoes) so the skirt can't be put around them. If you want to make it to show the pants and shoes, go ahead and don't mind this. On the other hand, if you want to make the skirt, I suggest you download this file here.

the complete pally set.

the "complete set" has both legs pattern, just like the model link below.
sorry again about that, mostly to the 257 who downloaded the previous one.


Guillermo said...

Is good to see that you fix the problems,its a hard work, in may case, most of the time I get lazy

PMF said...

yeah, i almost finished building it and i found some more stuff i gotta fix. nothing big, just things to make it easier to build and double flaps. i might add some instructions too :P

Anonymous said...

omg this looks like a huge model, well erm compared to the zebra and saber i did

PMF said...

it's 40 cm high, so about 16 inches.

Ciprian said...

I know it's 6 years later, but what is the difference between legs for skirt and legs without skirt?
A picture for each would've been nice to help decide which one we choose.
Thank you anyway, looks nice so far :)

PS: a short hint for how to start mounting the hands would've been nice too. People should always start from fingers up to the shoulders. The back of the neck should be mounted last to the shoulders in order to easier close the entire body.

Ciprian said...

Where can we get the sword in the right hand?

Ciprian said...

Where can I get the sword?
How can I post the Pally I built based on your craft? ;)

Barbarian said...

Ciprian, based on the image I guess the weapon is Lok'amir il Romathis, a one-hand mace ( but PMF may have done the weapon just to fit his model. I'll make one based on the Pally's size and will post it here. Sorry, it's PMF model and given that he probably won't be coming back, maybe it could not be remade.

I'm coming back to the blog after a long break and I'll try to fix some things, and a new email will be set so people can send finished model pics to be posted.