Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kaelthas - papercraft

Goodluck on this one, the face is all small parts and i added some pants so the feet wouldnt float in the air. You'll also have to make hole in the cape to fit the arms thru.

Download here

ps. OK, everybody's getting this one, but keep in mind that nobody made it yet so there might be problems with it. Anyway, put some commentary if you're doing it, just to know if it's all ok...


Anonymous said...

wow, i love this one!!!!!
It will be great if there are mage breakers around him xD~~
THx for sharing~~~

Werpie said...

Looks awesome, I will MAYBE do this when ive got some time, got one other model to do and school :S

Anonymous said...

Made a cardborad scotch-taped version and it look great on my book shelf!
Legs don't quite fit, and it would be better to shrink them by 5% or so.
Cape would fit if you just cut open a little bit at the top.
Face and hands were difficult, and I would recommend making them separately w/o the cardboard.

Other than that, great model! And definitely the most difficult one I've made so far...