Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I had some trouble with this one; the arms are a little hard and the head was completly wrong. so I changed it a little, added some flps and there you go... might still need some work on your part..

Download here


JesuSlaveX said...

The face is ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL!!! But, I really enjoyed this build.

The hands were a blast to put together.

Good luck!

PMF said...

LOL yeah it's true, the face doesn't make much sense. It's one of the oldest and first ones I've made so it's not perfect.

On the "To-Redo" list :\

JesuSlaveX said...

Hey, its still a brilliant piece and a ton of fun to put together. Though he leans forward on me more than I had expected, still perfectly stable though. Might be my fault as I used printer paper and scotch tape to put him together. I know better now.

Just a suggestion though, if your going to retool the design, make an "easy version" with a single piece for most of the face.

The wife has already hit me up for a Silvermoon mailbox. I think you've created a monster!

Heres a link to my completed Golom on our guild site.


Thanks for all your hard work!