Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mark "S" Boomstick

I've just made this badass last week, and think it deserves to be a papercraft... so easy to build as it was in the game itself :)And I'll keep it with me even when an Epic prove better, because I'm a sick Evil Dead fan! Watch the video to know why it bears this name. 

Difficulty: Easy
Format: PDO
Download: HERE


Hannes said...

Nice one! The Evil dead movies are just superb!!!!! Am a realy big horror geek =D

Alisson from Brazil said...

Dude!!! can u make a dwarf hunter model? I cant wait!!

Thanks for your job!!!!!

world of warcraft gold said...

lol.. looks great.. mad props to you :)

Unknown said...

What size is that beauty? Nice model, ya

Denis Gusakov said...

Hello. A have an idea to repaint a more detailed texture for the model. Could you send me a texture file and/or unprotected PDO file? I promise not to distribute it.
my email is:

Denis Gusakov

Barbarian said...

@Denis Hello! Passwords were given in a recent post, search for it in the first pages. If that two pw's are not working, then the model was made by another person and we also don't know what it is. :(

Barbarian said...


Modelos inteiros de chars só se forem dos mais antigos, os modelos novos possuem centenas de polígonos a mais e teriam que ser desdobrados em tamanhos muito grandes pra que possam ser montados! Não prometo fazer em curto prazo mas a ideia é boa, além do que o WoW Classic tá chegando e a cambada vai se acostumar de novo com os bonecos "quadrados" :D

Barbarian said...

Me ocorreu que levei dez anos pra responder o comment!! ? ??? !! Nossa véi desculpa essa XD faz tempo que não consigo cuidar desse meu hobby!!