Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Horse / Zebra - papercraft

Here's the horse and the zebra models. There's a bunch of textures for the horse so you can have with black, white, brown, pinto, palamino... and EVIL! hehe

Should be medium difficulty.
hmmm... i should start putting difficulty for all models. i'll think about it.
instructions would be cool too >< Download here


k3N said...

hi! can i ask for the password of the pdo file? im trying to open this with pepakura designer so i can make the model bigger. thanks!

Maarten said...

Looks great!

I opened the file in Pepakura Viewer to choose another texture but some parts are off the pages, is dat possible? Or did I see it wrong?

Hope you will answer soon....



Michiel said...


The pieces that are off the page are doubles, they're used in-game to add some extra effect to the model.

The dreadsteed I'm working on, for example, has an extra layer of "shiny" textures over the saddle, back and chestpiece. Those extra's aren't necessary, and are therefore put aside. (Pepakura doesn't let you delete parts)