Monday, June 23, 2008

Owlbeast - Night Elf Moonkin

Yes! I already built it.
This one goes to all my moonkin friends!
I know we're alot so I'm sure you'll like this one.
I pretty much got back at playing a druid last month and I like it more and more, but as they say, it's easy to play a druid, but it's hard to play one well.
Or is it a hunter... or a tank...

anyway, HERE IT IS!
and here's the Amberseal Keeper staff, look nice with the moonkins.

oh and that's one of the coolest guild ever!


Guillermo said...

Great model, and don't worry I still been your fan :D

chimerastone said...

Ahh! You build him already, the moonkin still looks very impressive. I just finished printing out the templates to red version and the hair. You need some sort of artistic license to fix the hair and decorations on.

I made the netherwhelp purple version it has mistake on it. I'll can email the finshed model to you.

Seen the Hood of the Malefic on /po. Ihatebrownies posted that image already. You have great site I'll check back to see if more interesting models to make.

Anonymous said...

could u pls upp it somewhere else?
that download link doesnt work 4 me


perhapsitarian said...

Ahhhhh! The antlers point too far back on mine...
They're practically horizontal ;_;

oh well he still looks pretty cool even though I'm not finished yet

Lebowski said...

omg the moonkin looks fantastic! where can we dl it to craft it at home? :o

man, keep your good job!

Lebowski said...

omg this moonkin really rocks, man!
keep up with the good work :D

btw, where can I get the file to craft it myself :D?

doomlazerz said...

i log on but it doesnt work then
can someone post another link that i can get the tutorial from?

Anonymous said...



Thank you!

PMF said...

the instructions are in the PDO file that is in the archive (rar).
you open it with Pepakura Viewer.

Anonymous said...

Looks cool man, keep up the good work.

btw i think someone should make a paper santa gnome =D!

Darkrem said...

I like it!!
But I can't succeed in changing the texture... I try to open it with pepakura designer, but it seems protect by a password... Or I'm doing things wrong, I don't know :/
Can someone help me? The white one is soooooo cool!

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah ! i need the tutorials to make this GREAT MOONKIN!!!! help me plz :(

PMF said...

If you have a problem with Mediafire, just come back a lil while later, sometime MF servers are off.

If you have a problem with the pasword in Pepakura Designer, INSTALL PEPAKURA VIEWER! not the same things.

If you want a tutorial, install Pepakura Viewer and open the PDO files. It is 3d instructions that you can follow. Sorry if you're on a Mac tho, no luck for you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...