Thursday, May 8, 2008

Treasure Chest (same as above)

Here's a new/better version of the Treasure Chest, which you all seem to like very much. I also added the option to have a bronze or a golden one. Who doesn't like to have the choice?

Download here.


Nes said...

Trop mignon ! Mon préféré je pense XD

Merci d'avoir mis le lien ;) je tenterai de le faire quand j'aurais du temps.

J'aime beaucoup tes papercraft, tu fais du super boulot.

betobonix said...

Thank you for sharing thi model, last night I completed this one, it was my first papercraft :-)

keep the good work!

Ole Glud said...

What a awesome chest, realy easy to make and fast to make ofcourse..
Great job!

Unknown said...

sorry i dont saw there is already a newer version of this chest here... but its still a bit small.... is there any chance to get it in double size oder something? this would be really nice.... Thanks :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for this great model, i made one but it would be really nice to have a double sized version of it. so i could use it for bigger things like pencils or something.
Thanks Ed

Batness said...

I have a question or two. I'm new to papercrafting of this type, and I don't know how to find actual instructions on how to set these up.

Here are a couple pics of what I did; I swear I tried to follow the numbers, but some don't seem to have a matching number.

I currently have three major pieces; a "lid", the frame of a bottom?, and a basket-type piece.

What am I missing? Can someone explain where the two pieces I've drawn red arrows to go?

Thank you SO MUCH!

Anonymous said...

u make this papercraft wrong, the part that the up arrow is marking u need to score to the other side