Thursday, June 4, 2009

Salandria, the Blood Elf orphan

One more cutie for us. Salandria, a quest giver during Children's Week, remembers us of something more important than having fun at making war.

(yes I need a new cam)

Size: 25 cm. high
Format: PDO + PDF
Base included (taken from the Pokemon base by PMF)
Difficulty: Hard

Download it HERE


warcraft spec said...

love this! very nice post.

elemental shaman pvp said...

thanks for including the download link.

Angel said...

Super cute! Will you be doing the dranaei as well. I think she's so adorable.

Barbarian said...

I'm making the Orc girl and the Human Argent Squire boy, it will take some days to finish yet :)

Unknown said...

Sadly i couldn download her mediafire tells me the file is removed u.u

Barbarian said...

Dead link updated, thanks for warning :)