Thursday, May 21, 2009

ONE MILLION PAGE VIEWS (and the gift is yours)

Congratulations to all of you WoW papercrafters around the world! We reached the mark of 1,000,000 visitations in our page, and this is a merit of US ALL, designers and crafters who made this blog a place to refresh our minds - and meet in a place where Horde and Alliance does not make war, but just fun, haha!

And the gift goes to you... a cute gnome girl from Ironforge (if you print it double-sized from the PDF in a print shop [i.e. A3 size], you'll get a REAL SIZED GNOME, haha)

Belbi Quikswitch comes with her "Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles" and a filled Brewfest Stein to commemorate this day. Have fun!!!

Download her HERE

Size: 30 cm high
Difficulty: Medium
PDO & PDF formats

Use 120g + paper...


Ron said...

Congrats guys! thanks for all the wonderful paper models and keep on crafting ^^

Anonymous said...

You're so great!! thank you!

cristof! said...


request: some 'common' weapons

chimerastone said...

This is non related I checked out the Badtz-Maru on and there was link to your deviant art account. I didn't know you had one, some one before suggest I sign up with deviant art. Don't really need one as I keep a gallery at various other sites.

Glad you release your model there rather than in 4 chan /po as just a gather place for trolls.

Briche said...

You are amanzing!!!

I salute you from Spain, keep doing it!!

jana said...

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PMF said...

you're getting very close to my spam threshhold jana.

warcraft mage pvp said...

very unique idea! thanks!

Airan20 said...

This is the best blog of papercraft,
i love,i'm build 3 models ( dont build more because i don't have ink lol )

thx a lot man!

Airan20 from Brazil

( Sorry my bad english )

team idemise said...

awesome blog! great post! Thanks for letting us know about it!