Sunday, June 14, 2009

Broken Bottle at a Meeting Stone.

Hi all, a bunch of stuff invaded my mailbox so I thought I'll drop it all here. Most of those are just pictures or PDO files so sorry if you prefer PDFs.

John Dalton sent me this lil broken bottle model, simple and it kinda give another meaning to papercut. Just don't get into an argument with that in hand tho, you might not win.

Then James Cioffi sent me this Horde Shoulder model which looks nicely done.

Neth (from Shoutbox ->) linked a Sulfuras model too here.

And I got this nice picture of the Rock Golem from Chris Beckman, well done.

And Thomas Gowen sent me a lot of stuff, but you'll like those, I'm sure.
Meeting Stone and Altar of Soul

(GI Joe's not included :P )

And some more pictures...


Angel said...

Wowsers those look amazing. The altar of souls is super awesome.

warcraft guide said...

The Golem looks freaking awesome.

piranhamonkey7 said...

Ha, thanks man, i made the golem! but its CHRIS not Christ.... sorry

PMF said...

lol mistake corrected :P

piranhamonkey7 said...

Thanks for fixing it. man i love this site!