Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meeting Stone by Cery

Cery sent us a larger and well made model of the Meeting Stone (Blue version).
Thanks dude it looks great!

(picture by Thomas G.)

Size: 20 cm high
Formats: PDO and PDF, with a lineless option
Download it HERE

There's also the version by Thomas G (see pic) that you can get HERE.


PMF said...

Well, that makes 2 meeting stones in just 2 days... not bad :P

warcraft guide said...

very very nice =)

Cery said...

Aww, sorry PMF.
I saw the request for a meeting stone in the shoutbox and made the model. I sent it to Barbarian and asked him to upload it.
But not much time before this, Thomas Gowen must have sent his model of the meeting stone to you. So he was first and I won't be sad if you delete this model here. Two models of the same thing are definetely too much ;)


Barbarian said...

...two is better than one I think, the two models are good, one is small and the other is big, so many ppl keep asking for a bigger/smaller version of some models, so let's make happy both that greeks and trojans :D

warcraft guide said...

meeting stone woo!