Monday, June 29, 2009

Argent Tournament Lance

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Despite its huge size, it's as excellent in direct melee as a pillow... but if used while mounted as originally planned XD, it does massive damage to opponents. Answering my nerd friend's question, you can enchant it but it WON'T PROC when using in jousting quests. Better use your 280g Massacre scroll in something more reliable than that toothstick.

Size: 29 cm. X 8 cm.
Formats: PDO file with 3 skins (Argent, Horde and Alliance) + PDF with the 3 versions.
Building tips included.
Difficulty: Medium
Download it HERE


PMF said...

see, that's the kind of stuff that makes me wanna go back in that game ><

Barbarian said...

Are you not playing these days? My monthly expired but I'll wait for the next patch to reactivate it... they will cut the mounts prices down (AT LAST) :)

Barbarian said...

...and what about Diablo 3?? Can't wait for it!!!!

PMF said...

i haven't been on since the Frost xpac came on. I wanna try Diablo 3 but I'll need a new computer for it.

Jo said...

as a papercrafter (of a slightly different kind!) I just wanted to say how fantastic your blog is! Off for a proper mooch around :)