Friday, February 27, 2009

Swift Zhevra mount / wild Barrens Zhevra

A difficult one this time. But it's a beautiful creature that will be a valuable addition to our collection.

The Zhevra mount comes with 4 skins. And if you just want a wild zhevra like that from the Barrens, you just need to change texture for the "without saddle" one that is included within this package and don't print the saddle page. I included separate PDFs for the mount and the wild models. C'mon, Mac users are people too... XD

It's big sized due to the painful details in the head.

Difficulty: Hard
Size: 27,5 cm X 40 cm
Formats: PDO + PDF (19 mb)
Download: HERE

PMF edit: keep in mind that it's not the same model as the Horse one.

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