Monday, March 2, 2009

Illidan Stormrage's Warglaive of Azzinoth

Finally finished... this is one of the TBC most wanted weapon set for rogues and dps warriors. Now it can be yours without running Black Temple for 1,000,000,000 times!

I'm still building it, and everything seems OK till now. It's recommended to reinforce it with a stick because the handle is thin compared to the blades.

The "buckler" has no connection point, so glue it to the handle following the 3D window in Pepakura.

I think it can help someway the guy who built Illidan to improve his model... if he prints it in a bigger paper size. :)

Difficulty: Medium
Download: HERE

UPDATED - there was a problem in page 6, please download again.

Obs.: Illustration used inside the archive is an awesome artwork by Sandara @ Deviant Art


Liska said...

Could it be that there is a password needed for Pepakura Viewer?

Barbarian said...

The viewer never asks for a password, it's free... only Pepakura Designer asks for a pass during install (that means you must buy the software of course), and if you try to edit a protected file. Did your Viewer asked for a password? :S

Anonymous said...

i am sorry before..
can u upload the life sized warglaive please..
damn,,i really want that..

Anonymous said...

yeah, I really want it too

Fatamorgana said...

yeah I think the life sized will be awesome...

miguel calderon said...

Hello , please Might pass to a4 , I have no printer a3, sorry if you do not understand , I do not speak English , and I'm using the translator googlo , I give you my email for q you send me the file, thanks for a good job.

Anonymous said...

could you please upload the real-life size warglaive ?

Barbarian said...

Passwords have been published, hit "home" and you'll find it in the first posts. Then you can edit the model in Pepakura Designer.