Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Start by the legs, then the head and the tail, the shell and finally the belly. Easier this way.

Download here


Deyker said...

We made this turtle from the PDF file and we got 2 shells.

also. I didn't like the numbers on the turtle's face.

Kat said...

This turns out really cute in the end :) I do agree with the above post, there are two shells in the pdf file and I imagine one is the correct version. The one i ended up using is a little off. (its easlily fixed though by trimming off the that piece a bit.)

Cery said...

The turtle is so sweet, I made one too. :)
Here you can see a picture:


Anonymous said...

Cutest turtle papercraft out there, just finished mine for a friend.

Better to use the pdo file to print and for reference. The PDF is confusing and does have an extra shell like others have mentioned.