Sunday, October 28, 2007

Abomination aka Flesh Golem - papercraft

The Abomination in all his bloody beauty. Or the Glutton if you make it green since there's a bunch of color to choose. I always thought he was a pretty cool monster, more funny than scary.
I hate how he always seems to jump in my back everytime i'm in Stratholme tho.

To change colors, you need Pepakura Viewer (link right->)
Go in configuration, texture configuration and choose one of the texture that's in the file.

Download here.


SHEOL said...

many thanks for the models!!!!
congratulations great blog

Anonymous said...

Excelente!!! Lo voy a recomendar en modelos de papel

Zeta said...

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Anonymous said...

hi i love war3
and ur work is awesome
but this link is dead
may i ask u give me another one