Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Baby Murloc

I have no idea who made this one but there's got to be a murloc in a page like this, so here it is... not by me tho.

Download here

Update: another one made by Ted Fallenger.


kyle said...

How DO you build him? I can't Build Murky 100%. Help?
I'm from KY,USA

Email me instrucions:
A .PDO would work work, too...


Ted Fallenger said...

I made that Murloc.

Mixedpie said...

Awesome! But some things look impossible, even with the numbering. I can't build him 100% A POD would be nice.

Cery said...

I've made a orange murloc. Here you can see a picture:


Anonymous said...

Are there any plans for a regular murloc?