Thursday, October 18, 2007

Netherwhelp - papercraft

There's some more colors in the rar file.

Download here


Anonymous said...

These are all so awesome, but this is my favorite out of the many you've done. <3

PMF said...

Yeah, so far it's the most downloaded one beside Kaelthas... after its the rat and the rabbit, which i dont really understand why :\

Anonymous said...

i have tried to build the netherwhelp but was not successful :(

any chance in posting a numbered version?

Anonymous said...

yeah, there are no alternate colors in the download, very disappointing, please fix.

g33kz0rd said...

yes there are, but just with pepakura viewer (:

downloaded and printed xD gotta try now ^_^


Anonymous said...

I built one succesfully :) Thanks for sharing.