Monday, February 1, 2010

Wow! An update!

Hi all, let's see my last update was... august 27 09... sorry for that, been busy and not playing wow doesn't really help on that. You can still send us your models and pictures, I'll try to post 'em sooner than, well than the last 6 months :\ so.... let's go: June/October

The Faceless One by Netheara
(Alright here's the template, the main problem i found out after i made it, is that the right hand's two fingers cross each other so it's kinda impossible to build it as it's shown over there. I had to adjust the position so it looks as it is right now. Sigh, that's what you get when you don't edit the model at all :P)

Some pictures from Lester Loh:

Also here's his template for a Lifesize Ashbringer

Awesome Druid by YuJia:

Some small ones by Samuel R.:

Paladin with Corrupted Ashbringer by Chris B.:

Anzu Raven God by Edward S.:

and giant Thrall that Mark made for his nephew (I wonder what that model looks like now :P)


Emmie said...

You should totally do Al'ar :) That would be awesome!

Atom said...

You did the mechanical squirrel! =D I have it sitting in a box with no feet, hands or ears. They are so hard to get on XD