Monday, February 1, 2010

WoW Interview and more pictures...

Alright, I feel kinda shitty about that one, but some weeks ago posted a little interview with me by Lisa Poisso on their site and I didn't even bother to announce it here ><

really sorry about that, kinda sad too that the new design wasn't on when it cames on too :(

so here it is for those who wanna read it. It's part of their "World of WarCrafts" features...

and now here's some awesome pictures that I stole from Fezco :P

Here's a nice picture of Cayley's Wolpertinger:

and huh, I have no idea where those come from, but I like 'em:

Murloc by Cery


Cery said...

The little Murloc buddy is made by me =)

These pictures are all soo beautiful!

Barbarian said...

And gratz again!!

Anonymous said...

This tiger papercraft is mine!
How did you find my model?
WoW! I'm so glad that you appreciate my work here!
If you want, you can see at my newer photos of him: