Monday, February 1, 2010

Wow! Another update!

Here's all I got from November to now in my mailbox...

just a note, the password for the old models is "World", stop asking me lol

Some models by Atom N.:

he also sent me a skull:

and now a crazy tiny 1/4 Anzu Raven God by Scarlet

A black and white Imp by EnderMoo:

Seth_79 sent me a template for a Bonecreeper Stylus
and a picture of his Frostmourne

Connie Chan from Baby loves pink sent me a picture of her lil first mate hat:


Atom said...

At the time when i made the skull model it seemed like it might be easy without a .PDO but when i look at it now it looks sort of confusing :/ i should buy pepakura...

I made a lot of other models like the skull. I was just looking through the wow model viewer and trying anything that looked like it might work. I ended up making a lantern, a oozeling and a attempt at a life-sized shoulder pad.

Scott said...

Where's the Download link?

PMF said...

Those are only pictures from people who built the models. The models themselves and the download links are elsewhere on the site, each model having its own post.

flame said...

I want to do the raven lord one. is there a download link that not rar?