Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mark "S" Boomstick

I've just made this badass last week, and think it deserves to be a papercraft... so easy to build as it was in the game itself :)And I'll keep it with me even when an Epic prove better, because I'm a sick Evil Dead fan! Watch the video to know why it bears this name. 

Difficulty: Easy
Format: PDO
Download: HERE


Hannes said...

Nice one! The Evil dead movies are just superb!!!!! Am a realy big horror geek =D

Alisson from Brazil said...

Dude!!! can u make a dwarf hunter model? I cant wait!!

Thanks for your job!!!!!

world of warcraft gold said...

lol.. looks great.. mad props to you :)

Anthony Stark said...

What size is that beauty? Nice model, ya