Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aram Bartholl's "1H" workshop.

Hi everyone, sorry if I'm not posting new models for a while now, I'm busy with a lot of other things, but Barbarian seems to be very successful in filling the void. Voidwalker, I should finish that one :\

Anyway, I just saw that and I thought many of you would like to see it. Aram Bartholl is a pretty funny guy. He makes workshops, conferences and performance arts based around how the digital/virtual worlds relate to and influence the real world. One of his piece is called "1H" and basically, he walks around Berlin wearing weapons from MMORPGs. For it, he even used the Ripsaw model that I made and I gotta admit, I can't even say what kind of expression my face have when I look at it. Really funny and creative; now I wanna see one of his conference.

Here's more details about the project and even a cool video. You can also find more projects as crazy as this one :P


Flyingfish said...

haha, awesome, but did this guy get arrested by the police?

Daniel said...

Tried to email this guy and no luck. Do you have the 25 page upscaled file of this Rip Saw?! He has some great instructions on how to make it I just need the file. That or the password to the rip saw to scale it. Can you help me?

PMF said...

he wont send you his file, he did put a link on the page but it isnt working :\

you can open the PDF in photoshop and scale it to the size you want or, if your printer has the option, print the pdf at 500% size or something.

Daniel said...

Now that I can do. I don't know why I didn't think about that before. Probably because of keeping the resolution from getting to pixelated, but doesn't mater. Thank you so much!

Skelekitty said...

That's an awesome photo! LOL!