Tuesday, May 6, 2008


hey everybody, i got some new stuff for you.
first, i added a "completed models picture show" to your right ->
so send me some pics now.

second, Ted Fallenger sent me these ones a while ago, thought i should finally add it here.

i guess anonymous will be happy (it's not real-size tho)

another sword that i really like is the Blade of the Basilisk, which is the one I put one Gward (see pic). also, the shield on him is the Platinum Shield of the Valorous. other pieces I could I used too : Bastion of Light, Deathbringer, Zulian Hacker, Champion's Plate Helm...

after that, somebody asked me for a luth a while ago.
and sorry, i'll redo the title page of the files later, i lost my precious font that i used.

Oh, and i'll repost a new version of the Treasure Chest later this week. might even make a gold one, just for the Swedes...

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