Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wow Insider

hi people and /po/odles :P

just to keep track of some statistics, i use Google Analytics; you can see the stats to the right ---->

anyway, i look at it once in a while and i'm always surprised when i see spikes, just like yesterday when WOW Insider posted a little article (by Zach Yonson) about Warcraft Papercrafts.

it's always fun to read those and mostly the comments people makes about 'em.

anyway, hope you all like it, i only make those for fun so seeing people building 'em is really great.

also, just another link that was on the article : looks like Warcraft III models; seems like Hobikit has some competition :P


Erika said...


wow! first time here! love everything! As a big fan of wow and papercraft... I want to try all your models!! =D

Thx!!! Keep it up! I'm rss feeding your blog. :)


Anonymous said...

We need weapons, lots of Life-size weapons, we demand it. O_O

Mambba said...

lol yeah life-size weapons it's a good idea ... *think about it ... hehehe* *mad*