Monday, May 12, 2008

Night Elf, Arthas by Jorge I. Villegas

Here's some new models that somebody sent me some days ago.
So, here's Arthas from Warcraft 3 and a Night Elf Druid (i think) from WoW. The mage to the left is Vivi from FFIX, just lurk a little.

Also, here's a Doomplate Tauren Warrior, it's just the same model as the other warrior but with a better texture imo. (c'mon, it's doomplate)

Stefan Ernst is also building a bunch of models so I'll post some of his pics when he'll finish 'em.

and here's some pokémons since I have them taking space on my desktop: Snorlax + Sandshrew

/end of the "here's" post


Louhi said...

The pic won't show. :(

Anonymous said...

just a edit tey are no night elves

Anonymous said...

ITs DRUID! no night elf mages there