Thursday, November 4, 2010

Leeroy Jenkins

By request (a lil' late huh)

I had no time to edit the model so here it is the way it is. There are some collision points in the inner sides of the elbows and knees, but you'll have no big problems to build it with a bit of patience and talent.

Complete with his weapon, guild tabard and... chicken XD (as featured in the WoW miniatures game)

Size: 45 cm high
Difficulty: HARD
Formats: PDO only (A4 paper size)
Download it HERE (Mediafire)


Frey said...

if you don't mind, i will translate it for my web-site with backlink, ok?

Cery said...

Great model barbarian! I cannot wait to see a paper&glue version ^^

Anonymous said...

32.33 (repeating, of course) scale.

Barbarian said...

Ok Open, not only i don't mind but I also think it will be cool to post it :)

Hunn... Cery, I'm still building it on my free time, only his head is done yet.
I think it would be better to print the head, arms and weapon in lighter paper, and the body/legs in heavier paper, then mount the model on a base, so it will be better balanced. I had a bad time to keep the BE pally model on his feet, coz his weight were driving him down (it crashed 2 times -.- )

Barbarian said... I had to reinforce his legs with an internal support structure (i.e. skeleton)

Unknown said...

my younger brother would like this