Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tankard O' Terror

You can buy that wonderful replica from Blizz for 40 bucks if you intend to use it properly (i.e. to fill it with beer, not to spank someone) but you can build it with paper - it's free and you save your health coz it can't get wet OR be used to hit XD

Size: Real-sized according to the replica (9 3/4 in)
Difficulty level: Easy
Formats: PDO and PDF hi-res
Downloaad it HERE


Absurd said...

Hehe. Nice.

noel said...

wow i've waited long for this!
nice one!!!!!

Vinícius said...

I`m looking forward to make a real version of this item (metal and wood). could you upload the *.obj file or send me the password for the .pdo file? so I can export it!

Thank you!

Kim said...

Fun build, thanks for the model.