Friday, May 21, 2010

Bear from Winged Crafts.

Oh well, looks like there a website more "WoW-productive" than this one :\
Anyway, if you have any good models, you can email them to us and we'll gladly post 'em here too.

So now here's the Bear model, made by Winged Crafts, which you probably know from the post right below this one...
It's a pretty good looking model and doesn't seem too hard. Also here's some words from the designer:

"There are 10 textures included in the rar, including the spirit bear one. This one ISN'T originally going on this bear model though, so there are a few minor things that won't work out quite nicely (like the bottom of the paws and the bear butt not being see-through) but I edited the texture a bit to make it look sorta like the ingame version. No manes though, I think that is the only part about the model I do not I made it without the mane XD"

And so get it here!


Lizz said...

First of all, thanks again for posting this one here too!
No worries though, I am not planning on making my blog just WoW papercrafts ;)

I am also planning some FF and KH models, but...I just love WoW! So there will be more WoW models, just not sure when and which ones.

Do you need me to email the models too if I got 'm or is the way things go now, good for you too? ;)

PMF said...

Hi, thanks for making the models; atleast then I can put something on this site :P :\ :(

and it's alright like that, I prefer to link the models to your page, that way it bring people to the designer's page, but it's also good if you ever update the page/model, then people get it straight from the source.

Barbarian said...

Hey... sorry 'bout the "vanish" but I'm buried under a huge pile of work :S and in my little spare time I'm actually working to get some in-game models (i.e. Shadowmourne)

There are some models to finish and post here soon.