Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dragonstalker Helmet from Winged Crafts

Hi all,
I saw that today and thought you'd like it.

It's the Dragonstalker Helmet from Winged Crafts. (yes, it's lifesize!)you can download the file on her website here.

Here's some words from her too:
"The model itself is a pretty easy and straight forward build and you can easily see how it is done on the .pdo. Aside from that...there is another .pdo that has extra 'mohawk' parts. You can also print it all from the .pdf so that it has all the parts already in there.
Included in the file are also 3 texture models. So you can 'pimp' your helmet up if you want ;)"

Hope you'll like it.

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Lizz said...

I am glad you like the model enough to share it on your own site ^^ I'm quite happy with how my first model worked out~! Thanks for posting it here too!