Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tauren Druid Cat Form v. 2

This is some kind of replacement for the Cat model that PMF has made, he's got some problems with it and it was temporarily removed. Here goes a little help for him, the Cat model was remade without the "elbow inside the chest" problem.  

This model can be hard to build without the PDO but a PDF is included anyway.

Size: 15 cm high X 12.6 cm wide X 35.8 cm long
Difficulty: Hard
Formats: PDO + PDF
Download it HERE


Apocalipsis said...

El druida forma felina es mi creación, asi por favor siquiera deja un enlace al creador o hare lo mismo con tus figuras, y estas no van a ser de 8MBytes, sino de menos de un megabyte

Barbarian said...

Let's clarify some things for you, my friend. There must be some reason for you to say that so I'll answer some variety of possible causes:

A) This is NOT your model and it's NOT based and/or stolen from it.

B) I don't know if that model that was listed early in this blog is your work, btw I didn't even SAW it. PMF removed it coz it had a problem called "collision" where the right elbow was inside the chest, making it harder to build. If it was yours and were not credited correctly, it must be fixed but the post was not mine, so I have no access to it. Sry.

C) Blizzard Entertainment is the original copyrights owner of this character, not YOU nor me. They don't really care if we are making papercrafts out of it, since we don't SELL it. Thus it gives us both the right to make our models based on their 3D models, but not you nor me could claim property over it not even get pissed if someone makes the same model you've made before.

D) Archive size does not matter anything. It depends on how and what apps were used to make it. It's big due to the PDF size (200 dpi in best quality config). I will always include a PDF for Mac users, remember that designers tend to prefer Mac over PC (I need both in my work).

E) I don't need to steal anything from other models ppl has made. I make my own and learned by myself, I'm already a professional designer. I prefer to rip WoW models coz I love this game, instead of designing my own (that would certainly be sold and not freely shared).

Hope I have answered your questions, and btw wish you good luck with your models.

[ ]'s

warcraft guide said...

lol. elbow inside the chest. sounds like a personal problem.

Barbarian said...

That druids have a big problem with body symmetry when changing forms, like they used "The Fly" broken apparatus XD

chimerastone said...

You talk about selling your model there's no doubt whatever you do they will end up in 4 chan /po. I stopped visiting the cesspit for losers because have better things to do than replying to their retarded messages.

I downloaded the Tauren Druid Cat and added to my increasing backlog. If I do managed to assemble the model I'll e-mail you a picture.

Barbarian said...

The music blogs were worse, believe me... I will appreciate a lot to see your completed model :)

george said...

I want the elf form please because is black is great, please