Friday, July 17, 2009

Savage Cobalt Slicer

By request... Nice dual for a hunter! Just 3 pages, easy to make in game and in paper!

It comes with 6 skins, the same model is used in various "green" swords in game.

Size: 36 cm long
Formats: PDO + PDF (blue only - numbered version included)
Difficulty: Medium
Download it HERE


Anonymous said...


Yeah, I'm the one who requested them. Thanks for making 'em!

WoW Account said...

I think this would be a nice model. The young game lovers out there would surely be thrilled by this one.

wow character said...

hey , that s realy nice thing specially for Wow lovers am sure they would love it

wow character said...

Its reallynice i tried my hands on it i amipressed..

buy wow items said...

Are you preparing to The Battle for Azeroth?

Barbarian said...

Already playing :D
Altough not having the same amount of spare time as of 10 years ago, I'm still playing WoW ^^